Affordable pricing options.

We have refined our LabSembly pricing structure to most importantly accommodate for small - large laboratories. LabSembly pricing plans will be discussed for larger franchises.

User role functionality

The user based role is specifically for lab assistants and analysts that will be conducting their research in a lab. A fully comprehensive user dashboard specific to the users profile - providing feedback on all experiments conducted.

  • *User roles currently require an admin role.

* Per user role.

Purchase Plan
  • Personal Dashboard
  • SOP recording
  • Database Storage
  • View Inventory
  • Complete Lab Tasks

Admin / Manager role functionality

The Admin based role is designed exclusively for the lab manager - providing access to features to run a lab in the most efficient means possible. Admin role can - assign tasks, manage inventory, suppliers and staff.

  • *At least one admin role is required per lab - the number of users can vary.

* One admin per Lab.

Purchase Plan
  • Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Inventory Manager
  • Task Manager
  • Manage Suppliers
  • Staff Manager
  • Create & Edit SOP's

Implementation Services

Migration to our platform is frictionless.

We have a unique method of importing current processes and inventory so you won't have to worry about additional work to get started.

Custom Integration Development?

We have a dedicated team of passionate individuals catering for specific requirements to the platform. Need additional features? Contact Us to talk...